Drive Safely with Pets

Whether you’re taking your pet to a vet appointment or bringing them on vacation, traveling with your pet takes planning. Your dog or cat may seem happy perched on the car seat, but more precaution is needed to ensure a safe journey for you and your pet in the car. Before you drive with your pet, consider these safety tips from Roadway Auto Insurance, a MAIF and car insurance provider in Maryland.driving safe pets maif insurance

Update pet ID

You might intend to be by your pet’s side during your entire trip, but accidents can happen. If you become separated from your pet for any reason, you want to ensure all measures are in place for them to be returned to you as soon as possible. You should check that your pet’s ID tags are secured to their collar and are up to date. They should include your contact information in a place that is clearly visible. If your pet has a microchip, you should check that the registration is up to date too.

Properly restrain pets

Just like human passengers require seatbelts when riding in a car, your pets should also be properly restrained when the car is in motion. If possible, you should use a crate or carrier for your dog or cat. You may also choose a specialized pet seatbelt for your pet to wear in the car. Many dogs want to put their head or other body parts out of the window while the vehicle is in motion. This is not recommended because debris may fly into their eyes and the wind can irritate their membranes.

You should remove the leash from your pets when in the car to avoid any risk of strangulation during the car ride. Also, you should note that the bed of a truck is not an appropriate place for a pet while a vehicle is in motion because they are at risk of injury in this location.

Do not leave unattended

If you need to leave your car for any reason, you should make sure to take your pet with you. Locking your pet in the car on its own, even if you left them food and water, is dangerous. Cracking the windows to allow airflow into the car does little to counteract the overheating that occurs in a parked car. A 70-degree outdoor temperature translates to over 100 degrees inside a vehicle. Exposure to this level of heat will harm your pet within 30 minutes. Plan your trip in advance to avoid this situation.

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