History of MAIF Insurance

The Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund has benefited many Maryland drivers who have trouble finding insurance. It is illegal to drive without car insurance in Maryland, so drivers who have been rejected by private providers must have a way to obtain coverage. The state legislature established MAIF to resolve this issue and protect all Maryland drivers. Roadway Insurance, an insurance provider in Maryland, describes the history of MAIF insurance.maif insurance maryland


MAIF traces its history to 1957 with the creation of the Unsatisfied Claim and Judgement Fund Board. The Maryland General Assembly established this board to pay insurance claims for people affected by hit-and-run accidents or incidents involving uninsured drivers. This board later merged with the Maryland Automobile Insurance Plan to become MAIF in 1972. Since then, this fund functions to sell insurance to individuals unable to purchase insurance from other providers.

How it works

This fund is governed by a board of trustees appointed by the Governor of Maryland. MAIF features several departments, including claims, finance and collecting, and underwriting. The fund does not receive funding from the state, instead relying on insurance premiums, investment earnings, and a portion of penalty fees from uninsured drivers. You can learn more, receive quotes, and communicate with experts about MAIF from qualified insurance providers, including Roadway.

Who can benefit

MAIF exists to provide accessible and affordable car insurance for all drivers, but drivers require specific qualifications in order to receive coverage from this fund. Applicants must be Maryland residents to qualify for MAIF. Additionally, the driver must possess a Maryland driver’s license or hold a Maryland registration. There must also be proof that the driver is unable to purchase insurance from a private provider. If these characteristics apply to you, you can contact a qualified MAIF provider today to discover policies and plans that work for you.

MAIF insurance available with Roadway

Roadway Insurance offers MAIF and other policies to customers throughout the state of Maryland. Cover your car, motorcycle, and more with confidence and affordable rates. To get a free quote, contact our office online or reach us by phone at 301.476.1183.

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