Storing Your Classic Car for Winter

As the months get colder, there are fewer nice days to take that classic car out for a drive. If it’s in good condition, you don’t want to drive it in snow and heavily treated roads. At Roadway Insurance, your MAIF car insurance provider, we want to make sure your car is safe. Follow these tips when you’re storing it this car insurance

Do a Thorough Cleaning

You want your car to be as clean as possible, both inside and out. Polish the shiny parts and apply a coat of wax. Clean the tires and treat them. If you have a soft-top convertible, you want to store it with the top up so that the fabric doesn’t shrink. To be safe, treat the fabric with a product that’s designed to keep it safe and avoid shrinkage.

For the interior, make sure you vacuum up any small crumbs that would attract vermin. Polish any leather and vinyl in the car. Pick up some packs of desiccant to get rid of moisture, as moisture can cause damage if it’s laying in the interior for long periods of time.

Store With Fresh Oil

Used oil isn’t good for your car if it’s left to sit over the winter. It’s full of contaminants and residue. Change the oil in your car right before you store it. If you don’t drive the car at all over the winter, you’ll be ready to drive right away in the spring. Check all of the other fluids to make sure they’re topped off. If your brake fluid is a few years old, you might want to change that as well.

Invest in a Quality Battery Tender

A battery tender helps to keep your battery in top condition until spring. But you want to make sure you have one that’s solid in quality so you don’t risk damaging your battery. It should have an automatic shut-off to avoid overcharging and damaging the battery. Ideally, the battery should be out of the vehicle and in a warmer environment, like your house, if the garage isn’t heated.

Plug Up Openings

Any opening in the car, including the exhaust pipe, can be an invitation for critters to make their way into your car. Plug openings like this with steel wool to keep them from getting in and making a nest out of your interior. Check all parts of the car semi-regularly throughout the winter to ensure nothing has gotten in.

Stay Safe With MAIF Car Insurance

Make sure you have full coverage on your classic car while storing it, not just the Maryland minimum insurance requirement. Full coverage can protect your car from vandalization and natural occurrences over the winter. Call us or get a free quote online.

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