Debunking Auto Insurance Myths

There are many myths about MAIF car insurance that you may have heard about or seen online. But are these myths true or false? Roadway Insurance steps in to help you debunk some popular auto insurance car insurance

Your Car Color Can Increase Your Insurance Rate

The color of your car is never considered in an insurance quote. The personal driving record and characteristics of the driver do. We also look at the safety features your vehicle is equipped with, the particular make and model, and how expensive repairs and replacement would be for that car. If you’re driving a very safe car that’s bright red, you won’t have an increased cost for the paint.

Your Insurance Spikes When You Get a Ticket

Your rates don’t automatically increase because you got a ticket. If you have a clean record and it was a minor ticket, you may not notice a change at all. It all depends on the type of ticket you get and what your past driving history looks like. You may also be able to get insurance that comes with accident forgiveness, so your rates won’t go up even if you’re cited as being responsible for a minor accident.

Personal Insurance Covers You for Business Purposes

If you have personal car insurance but use your car for a self-employed business or ridesharing, you may not be covered by that personal insurance. You have to have business or rideshare insurance to make sure you’re covered completely, no matter what you’re doing with your car. Hauling supplies and other business duties can qualify as needing business insurance as well. Make sure you tell your broker what all you use your car for.

I Don’t Need Comprehensive Coverage Because I Have an Old Car

There are certain situations where comprehensive coverage isn’t worth the price. This is especially true if you have a car that’s worth under $1,000. However, thieves are actually attracted to older cars that are reliable. Vehicles like a Toyota Camry are common and it’s easy to find a buyer for the parts after stripping a vehicle. They may actually struggle to sell parts for the expensive BMW. Take this into consideration when considering comprehensive coverage.

Your Insurance Policy Can Be Cancelled at Any Time

As long as you’re paying on time and have a valid driver’s license, you have nothing to worry about. State regulations prohibit insurers from dropping you unless they have a valid reason to do so. Dropping typically happens only if payments are missed or fraud is committed. They can non-renew you, but only at renewal time. This may happen if you’ve filed too many claims.

Know Your Stuff About MAIF Car Insurance

Roadway Insurance wants to make sure you know every detail about your insurance coverage. Call us, contact us online, or get a free quote today.

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