What Are The Requirements For Motorcycle Insurance In Maryland?

Riding a motorcycle can provide you with a one of a kind sense of freedom when you hit the open road on two wheels. You may have only ridden in a fully enclosed vehicle majority of your life, though, of course, a convertible can help you get more in touch with the open road. However, nothing is quite like the feeling that a motorcycle will give you.maif insurance

Once you have decided that you want to ride a motorcycle, and want to pursue obtaining a motorcycle endorsement on your license, you can then obtain a motorcycle, followed by MAIF motorcycle insurance. We have made a short and easy-to-read list of useful information that you may need during your journey to legally getting on the road with a motorcycle.

How To Obtain A Motorcycle Endorsement In Maryland

  • Have a current and valid Maryland Driver’s License
  • Provide proof of residency in the state of Maryland
  • Pass Vision Exam
  • Pass the Maryland State Motorcycle Written Exam
  • Pass the Maryland State Motorcycle Road Exam

Motorcycle Insurance Requirements

The Maryland MVA has state minimum requirements similar to your auto policy for your motorcycle.

  • $20,000 Bodily Injury
  • $40,000 Each Incident
  • $10,000 Property Damage

Of course, you can always add more coverage if you deem it necessary. However, Maryland requires the above coverage at a minimum to be able to operate a motorcycle on the road.

Are There Any Other Discounts Available For Motorcycle Insurance?

Yes, similar to auto discounts, there are programs available for motorcycles as well, such as the following:

LoJack Discount

  • Maryland ranks as 12th from the bottom on the list of worst states for motorcycle theft. With that stat, we offer a discount on your motorcycle premium as long as LoJack is installed on your motorcycle. LoJack will help deter thieves from stealing your bike as they are aware that LoJack is a tracking device that law enforcement will use to track and recover the motorcycle. LoJack will also give yourself peace of mind when parking your motorcycle after a nice ride!

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