Three Ways To Effectively Lower Your Auto Insurance Premium

We understand how frustrating it can be having to deal with expensive monthly auto insurance payments. Who wouldn’t rather spend that money used on mandatory MAIF insurance every month on other things like traveling on vacation? I sure know that I would much rather spend a weekend at the beach with a cheaper auto insurance payment. maif insurance

Unfortunately, car insurance is mandatory in the state of Maryland, and that is never going to change as long as cars exist. So, instead of hoping for auto insurance to magically disappear, we can work on some things that we can control. That is how to effectively lower your monthly auto insurance. We have made a short and easy-to-read list that will help your auto insurance provider view you as less of a risk, and in turn, they will lower your monthly premium.

Drive Slow & Safe

  • This is most likely the most obvious one on the list, but it is the most effective. Driving safely will prevent accidents, and driving slow (not too slow, but not above the posted speed limit) will just about avoid you getting pulled over by law enforcement. And you can not be issued citations if you do not get pulled over in the first place, right?

Stay With The Same Insurance Company

  • This is most likely something that you did not know about. The longer you stay with an insurance company without a lapse in coverage, the better your rate will become. Oftentimes, you become a long-term customer after three consecutive years with the same insurance company, and further discounts will be applied at the 5-year mark, 10-year mark, and so on.

Increase Your Deductible

  • Another way to lower your monthly auto insurance payments would be to give us a call and ask us to lower your deductible. This may be an option and would require you to pay a higher deductible in the case of a claim being filed. As long as you feel confident that you will have the deductible money during the incident of a claim being filed, then it may be an excellent option to lower your deductible.

Get A Quote

If you would like to learn more about how you can lower your monthly and annual auto insurance payments, or are just looking for new MAIF car insurance, contact Roadway Auto Insurance today to get a free quote with no obligation.


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