Tips For Driving In Inclement Weather This Winter

As December marches on and the holiday season continues, it will be nice to get cozy under a nice blanket, watch a movie with a warm cup of hot chocolate. However, the majority of us still need to get up and go to work in the morning regardless of the weather conditions outside. This time of year can supply some of the most difficult conditions to travel in such as ice, and snow. Rain is already fairly difficult to drive in, but when you mix it with freezing temperatures, that is when ice can play a serious factor while driving.

Roadway Insurance, a MAIF car insurance provider, has made a list of safety tips that you should follow when inclement weather has occurred, or is planning to occur in the near future. Based on how cold it is now at the beginning of December, I would predict that we could possibly be in for significant inclement weather during January and February this year.

Stay Informed

  • You may not like watching the news or weather channel, however, it may be best to at least turn the weather or news channel when it is time for the local weather and traffic report. This can help you plan on how much time you will need for your commute that day, also, will let you know about the current conditions and even traffic that has already begun due to inclement weather.

Stay Back

  • It is never good to follow to close to the vehicle in front of you even when the conditions are perfect. Especially when the weather is icy or the roads are covered with snow as your vehicle is likely to skid and have trouble stopping on a dime as it would in dry conditions. Make sure to leave extra room for the vehicle in front of you to avoid a potential accident if you need to stop suddenly.

Drive Slow

  • Make sure to stay informed as we mentioned above so you have enough to get to your destination without putting yourself at risk. If you need to drive slow due to a non-plowed road than you must slow down to ensure the safety of yourself and others. If you do not give yourself enough time to properly arrive at your destination safely, then you may be more inclined to go faster than you normally would in inclement weather raising the risk of a skid or accident.

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