5 Step Check List For Your Vehicle Before The Winter Begins

maif car insuranceWhether you like or dislike the winter months, if you are from Maryland, then you most certainly have to deal with some pretty harsh winters. Very rarely do we escape with a mild winter, and this winter looks no different as the temperatures in the area have dipped below freezing a few times already and December is just beginning.

So in addition to adding an extra layer to your outfit and getting out the hefty winter jacket, Roadway Insurance has made a checklist that anyone can do for your vehicle to help assure that no problems occur while you’re on the road due to the cold weather.

Check Tire Pressure

  • One of the most important things to check regarding your vehicle in the winter due to the certainty of your vehicle’s tire pressure going down before the required specifications due to the cold weather. In fact, your Tire Pressure will go drop 1 PSI  per 10 degrees drop in the temperature. If your vehicle is newer, than you more than likely have a tire pressure monitoring system on your vehicle, and a dashboard indicator light will come on when the tire pressure is low. If your vehicle is older, be sure to check the pressure before hitting the road.

Wiper Fluid

  • Driving in the snow and ice can be hard enough without having your windshield clean. Keeping your windshield clean in the wintertime is especially hard due to snow and ice melting and splashing onto your vehicle from another. Make sure that your windshield washer fluid is full before you leave the house, so you can effectively use it to clean your windshield if it becomes obstructed while driving.

Battery Check

  • Nothing is worse than heading out the door on a cold morning to a car that won’t start due to a dead battery. In extremely cold temperatures, your car requires more current from the battery to start the engine. This being known, you want to make sure your battery has enough left to make it through the winter. So make sure to run a battery load test (usually done for free at your local Auto Zone or Pep Boys) and see if your battery is ready for this upcoming winter.

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If you would like to learn more about how to prevent your vehicle from breaking down during the winter months, or are just looking for new MAIF car insurance, contact Roadway Auto Insurance today to get a free quote with no obligation.

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