Top Factors For Auto Accidents In Maryland

We all know that auto accidents happen, and we are sure that everyone wants to do anything they can to help prevent accidents from happening. A good way to start to help prevent auto accidents from happening is to understand what usually causes them. That being said, we have listed the top factors that cause accidents in the state of Maryland. If you find that you may be guilty of one of the top causes, then consider yourself lucky to have not already been involved in an accident and do your best to change your behaviors to help avoid an accident.

Mobile Device Usage

  • You are probably not surprised at the new number 1 cause for automobile accidents in the state of Maryland being the misuse of a mobile device such as a cell phone while driving. Remember to use any hands free features that your vehicle and your mobile device offer such as speakerphone, Bluetooth and talk to text so that you may keep your eyes and both hands on the wheel at all times.

Failure To Observe Traffic Signs or Lights

  • Even if you drive the same road every day and feel like you know the roads and traffic patterns like the back of your hand, it is imperative to always follow posted traffic signs, lights, and speed limits. Driver’s failing to properly observe and follow the posted signs is the number two cause of automobile accidents in the state of Maryland.

Driving At Night

  • You may be surprised that driving at night is listed so high on our list, however, visibility can be a real issue at nighttime, especially on those roads that do not have street lights. Driving at night can make it more difficult to see wildlife such as deer and other rodents that may find themselves on the roadway. If you do have to travel by vehicle at nighttime, make sure to pay extra attention to the road in front of you, and make sure that you have the proper amount of sleep before beginning a trek at night.

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