Can I Receive Points On My License For Texting & Driving?

This seems to be a question that gets brought up more and more lately as texting is the new way to communicate rather than talking on the phone. This may be tough to understand, but texting is actually more dangerous than speaking on the phone, as the texting will actually pull your eyes away from the road and onto your phone; this can make driving extremely dangerous as you are more likely to miss another vehicle making a sudden turn, braking suddenly, or even a person or animal darting out into your driving line.

So far, 18 states have decided to issue not only a fine for being caught texting and driving, but will now also issue points that will reflect on your driving record, and Maryland is one of those states.

The Dangers Of Texting and Driving In Maryland

  • Texting and driving are a few of the leading causes of accidents in the state of Maryland and is rapidly rising as the main factor in the cause of deadly accidents.
  • Everyone could use some extra money, and we are sure you do not want to spend that extra money a fine for the state of Maryland. Simply wait until it is safe for yourself to send that text message instead of doing it while you are driving.
  • Points on your driver’s license may not seem like a big deal when the MVA informs you that you have points on your license. However, with enough points, you could be forced to take a Driver Improvement Program class, and when it comes time for your insurance policy to renew, you may have to pay a higher premium

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