How To Stay Safe While Driving In A Thunderstorm

For a lot of drivers in the United States, the summer months can be the most fun driving.  Whether you are heading to the beach, amusement park, hiking trail, or to the bicycle trail, summer time can provide some of the most memorable times in your life. However, with the warm summer weather and heat often comes sudden thunderstorms. So, we have listed some steps to take if you happen to be driving and are forced to drive in a severe thunderstorm during the summer time.

Limited Vision

Sure, you vehicle has windshield wipers that help with vision while it is raining, however, in a severe thunderstorm, often times they are not enough to keep up with the amount of rainfall and your vision can become severly impaired. If this happens to you, it would be best to pull over under some shelter, turn your engine off,  turn your flashers on, and wait out the storm. If safely pulling over is not an option, and you are forced to drive, then we recommend putting your flashers on and reducing your speed until you feel comfortable driving in the storm.


If the thunderstorm that you happen to get stuck driving in, happens to have lightning as well, then you will want to pull over, and shut your engine on, and put your flashers on. While waiting out the storm, make sure to keep your hands off of anything metal, and that includes your cell phone, cell phone charger, radio, steering wheel, and door handles. This will help keep you safe in case lightning strikes your car.


If you happen to be on a motorcycle during a severe summer thunderstorm, you will certainly want to seek shelter. When doing this, make sure not to find shelter under trees as this can increase your chances of being struck by lightning. Try to find shelter at a rest area, gas station, or an overpass.

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