Stay Informed: How Do Airbags Work & Are They Affective?

There is so much to talk about in regards to airbags as some people tend to believe they airbags do more damage than they do good. However, every vehicle with four or more wheels sold today is sold with several airbags, for both the passengers and the driver. We are going to go over what an airbag is, when and who invented it, and some statistics showing that they do actually work.

Who Invented Airbags and When?

  • You may find some conflicting reports on this topic; however, we have found that John Hetrick of Newport, PA filed a patent for his airbag design on August 5, 1952, and was approved the following year. Allen Breed of Breed Corp. has made the airbag famous and has become of the worlds largest suppliers of airbags in the world today.

How Does An Airbag Work?

  • Today, you may see inside your vehicle somewhere the letters SRS which stands for Supplementary Restraint System or SIR which stands for Supplementary Inflatable Restraint as this is what airbags are now known as. The basic formula for an airbag system if for the airbag to inflate upon impact, and then deflate as your head presses against it.

Do Airbags Release Harmful Gases?

  • Even though people may tell you yes, this is false. Most airbags are filled with either nitrogen or argon, which are harmless gases. It is true that when your airbag does deploy, that it is actually a chemical explosion. Luckily for us, the chemical explosion that happens is completely harmless.

Do Airbags Help Prevent Fatalities?

  • The answer to this question is yes. In 1995, multiple studies were done that proved that airbags reduced fatalities by 23-24 percent in head-on collisions and 16 percent in all types of car accidents. With all the advancements happening every year in airbags, the percentages just continue to grow.

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