What is Auto Insurance Fraud?

Auto insurance fraud is any form of deception for monetary gain from your auto insurance company. It is important to note that auto insurance fraud is illegal and may result in legal repercussions. Auto insurance fraud can be committed by the policyholder, another driver, a medical professional, or an auto repair person.

Examples of Auto Insurance Fraud

  • Giving false information to your auto insurance company to avoid paying a higher premium. Where you live can affect your auto insurance rate. Areas with high crime or high rate of accidents are more likely to pay more for insurance, so drivers give false information to lower their cost.
  • Two drivers stage an accident to collect money from their insurance company.
  • Exaggerating about the cost of repairs after an accident to collect money. If you report a higher cost of repairs to your insurance company, you are committing a form of auto insurance fraud.
  • Including existing damage when reporting a claim to your auto insurance company.
  • Making a false claim of vehicle damage or reporting your car stolen when it is not.
  • Claiming that an accident caused injury when the injury is preexisting.
  • Damaging your vehicle to collect money from your auto insurance company.

Your insurance company will investigate suspicious or fraudulent claims. Drivers who committed auto insurance fraud are susceptible to punishment. Make sure you take the right steps to keep yourself protected from auto insurance fraud. If you are involved in an accident, be sure to take the necessary information from the other driver, take pictures, file a police report, and contact your insurance company.

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