Ready For Summer Road Travel?

happy little girl with family sitting in the carAs the school days wind down and summer days draw nearer, preparation and planning begin for the much anticipated summer road trips. Whether you’re driving to the park, the beach, or the mountains you’ll want to ready yourself and vehicle for the adventure ahead.  Roadway Insurance offers you the following Summer Road Trip Safety Tips…

Is your vehicle up for the journey? First make sure the car is up to date on all of its factory recommended maintenance.  Car owners should check the tires, wiper blades, lights, and fluids of the vehicle on a regular basis.

Plan your trip in advance. Map out your destination and check time approximations for your destinations.  It’s best to avoid heavily congested areas during rush hour times.  Go early and stay late when it comes to beach travel.  It is at its highest volume of traffic on Friday nights and Saturday mornings over the summer.

Get Roadside Assistance before you go.  Especially if you have an older vehicle, you’ll want the peace of mind that comes along with emergency roadside assistance.  Roadway Insurance customers can add this service to their policy. Some of the benefits of this service include: route mapping, lockout assistance, battery assistance, tire changing service, and mechanical assistance.

Stock your car.  Be prepared with an emergency kit for you and your car.  Car kits may include a flash light, first aid kit, jumper cables, a blanket, signaling device and water.  Keep the family happy with food, drinks, reading materials, and games or movie players.

Be a Safe driver.  Stay alert and take your time getting to your destination to arrive safe and stress-free.  Being a safe driver can also save money on your car insurance.  If you have a good driving record Roadway Insurance can find you the cheapest car insurance rates.  Contact them for a free quote today!

Have fun and enjoy your summer road travel!


Roadway Auto Insurance