Cars for First Time Drivers

teen driving safety tipsGetting your driver license is a huge milestone in any teenagers life. It is also a milestone in their parent’s lives. This time is both exciting, and a little nerve wracking. Roadway Auto Insurance understands the concerns and challenges of having a teen driver. One of the biggest concern is safety. The car your teen drives can make a difference and with today’s technology cars are safer than ever before. Our Roadway providers offer some tips on what to look for when buying your teens first car.

First time drivers are prone to fender benders and minor accidents. Buying a used vehicle is probably the smartest investment. A few scratches and bumps are bound to happen, no matter how safely your teen drives. Cars that are a few years old still have most of the same modern safety features as current models but will not cost you as much money. Bumps and scratches are bound to happen, so an older or even gently used car could be a great option for your teen.

Size can also make a difference in safety ratings. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety recommends not buying a small car for your first-time driver. Instead look at mid-sized or larger SUVs for their durability and extra padding. These vehicles tend to be a little sturdier and can hold up better to the first time driver.

Antilock brakes, electronic stability control, and forward collision warning system are some great modern safety features that come standard on most vehicles. Some other great safety features to look for- a crash notification system to alert authorities in case of an accident or a backup camera to improve visibility.

Be Sure They Are Insured

And remember, your teen will need full comprehensive auto insurance. Roadway Auto Insurance provides loss premiums and discounts for safe drivers. Maryland state law requires all drivers on the road to be insured. Contact a Maryland Auto Insurance Fund provider today to find out what great rates we can offer you and your teenage driver. Roadway Auto Insurance covers residents of Maryland and the greater metro DC area.

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