What Determines Insurance Premiums

teen driving safety tipsHaving car insurance is required by law. If you are driving your car on the road, it must have liability insurance. Insurance can be expensive, and many drivers want to know how they can keep their rates low. Knowing what insurance companies consider when formulating rates can help you know what to do to lower your insurance rates.

  • Car: Your car is an important factor in the cost of your insurance. The age and type of your car will determine what kind of insurance you will need. If you buy a new car and need to take out a loan, you will be required to have full coverage. Once your loan is paid off, you may switch to liability insurance. Older cars can affect your cost too. An old car may not be worth as much, and if you own it outright, your insurance rates may be lower. However, if it is too old, the lack of safety features may raise your rates.
  • Driving Record: Have you gotten in a few accidents or had a few driving violations? If you have a driving record your insurance rates may go up. Drivers with clean driving records will pay less for auto insurance. One way to keep rates lower is by paying for small fender benders out of pocket.
  • Insurance Companies: The insurance provider you choose has the say in how much they will charge you. Be sure to contact Roadway Insurance for competitive rates, roadside assistance, and convenient payment plans.

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