Stay Safe With Smart Driving Habits This Spring

Just because the ice and snow have melted doesn’t mean you can throw cautious driving to the wind.  Unfortunately, spring will provide a whole new host of dangerous driving conditions.  Roadway Insurance recommends that drivers proceed with caution into spring’s potential hazardous conditions.

Spring showers cause wet roads that can prove to be as slippery and slick  as ice-covered ones.  Problematic rain showers can also reduce visibility for drivers making for an unsafe journey.

Driving in heavy rain

Here are a few tips to follow before heading into spring…

Replace Worn Tires:  30,000 miles is the recommended lifespan of tires.  Check your tires periodically for wear or have your tires inspected during regular maintenance. Also monitor tire pressure and inflate them according to your vehicle owner’s manual.

Replace Worn Wiper Blades: Damaged or ill-functioning wiper blades can greatly impair driver visibility in the rain.  Replacements can be found at your local auto supply store and easily installed.

Check Your Lighting: Properly functioning vehicle lighting is crucial in instances of low visibility when driving.  Your lights should remain on during storms and of course from dusk on.  Have your mechanic replace any bulbs if you are unsure how to.

Make Sure Windows are Clear: This also includes checking the operation of the defogging mechanisms in your car.  A windshield clear of salt, dirt and debris can also ensure increased visibility.

Lay Off the Cruise Control in Rainy Conditions: And during any potentially hazardous road conditions.  Taking your foot off the pedals can equal loss of vehicle control.  Often times, hydroplaning when occurs your tires loose traction in wet conditions, causing loss of control.

Stay safe this spring when hitting the road, there are plenty of year round hazards to avoid including less than perfect weather conditions.

Don’t forget…get the coverage you need before starting the engine.  Roadway Auto Insurance represents multiple carriers in MD and DC to provide you with the best value and many options for the coverage you need.

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