Be Safe & Sober on the Road this Holiday Season

It’s that time of the year for merriment, celebrations and parties galore.  And it’s important to note that many of those party goers are of legal drinking age and will be enjoying the spirits of the season.  Roadway Insurance reminds you that it is never ok to drive under the influence of alcohol, no matter what the season.

Here are some simple planning tips to follow to make this a safe holiday season out on the road…

  • Always plan ahead.  If you plan to enjoy a few cocktails at your holiday party, do not drive.  Leave your car and keys at home.  Make arrangements for a ride or designate a sober driver before you go out.  Enter the phone number of your local cab company into your phone before you go!
  • If you do find yourself under the influence call a friend, family member, taxi cab or a sober driving service.
  • Stay the night.
  • Don’t let others drive impaired.  Take their keys and help them get home safely.

Many who don’t typically drink alcoholic beverages will indulge this holiday season and with a little planning you can partake in all of the revelry responsibly.  Driving under the influence is not worth its potentially tragic outcome.

Roadway Insurance wishes you a safe holiday season with best wishes for a happy 2016!

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