What is Defensive Driving..?

Defensive Driving, Roadway Insurance
Car crashes in the United States each year impact our economy and society. Sure, they lead to higher car insurance costs for each of us, but their impact goes much deeper. They can also impact individuals on a deeply personal level, since crashes can result in the loss of life. But despite all of the data that gets thrown our way, one thing is perfectly clear: the vast majority of these crashes, collisions and so-called accidents are preventable.

Most automobile accidents are preventable. If every single driver employed the basic techniques of defensive driving, the number of crashes would be dramatically reduced.

Defensive driving is the act of applying driving rules and techniques that can help drivers reduce risks and anticipate dangerous situations. Below are some tips on how to be a better defensive driver.

-Focus on the task at hand..Driving
-Visualize Everything
-Always have an Escape Route
-Don’t Speed
-Be Aware of your Surroundings
-Don’t become Distracted

Remember, you are in control of your own outcomes. Take matters into your own hands and don’t rely on other drivers to always do the right thing. Utilizing these practices will also help your auto insurance policy by helping reduce the number of claims on your file. Roadway Insurance recognizes excellent drivers with low rates on car insurance. Be a safe driver! Contact Roadway for a free MAIF quote. Maryland Auto Insurance Fund (MAIF) Insurance is a local top provider of Maryland Auto Insurance for drivers.

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