Homecoming Safety tips…

Motor vehicle accidents are the number one killer of teens in the United States. As we get into homecoming season, it’s important for parents and teens to work together to make sure that everyone comes home safely from the dance.

Here are some safety and planning tips to make this homecoming a memorable one.

Before Homecoming:

-Practice, Practice, Practice.. Has your teen ever driven at night? Have they ever driven the route to and from school or a dates house?

-Have an emergency plan in place.. Try and establish a code word they can use to text you or call you to let you know they need to be picked up. Teens don’t want to be seen as a “tattle tale” so if they have a safe/code word they will be more inclined to make the call. Also, make sure their phone is fully charged and they take along a battery charger.

-No texting and driving!..Always make sure your teen knows NOT to text while driving. If they’re a passenger, make sure they are comfortable to say something to the driver if they are texting while driving.

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