Summer Heat Can Mean Overheating Engines!

Man and his over heated carThe summer heat can sometimes place an additional strain on a car’s engine, resulting in the increased number of travelers stranded on the roadside with their hood up and steam rising from the engine. There are actually a variety of reasons why your car may overheat and keeping the engine in top running shape can often avoid these roadside emergencies!

The summer heat can not only place additional strain on the coolant system , but increase the chances of a hose rupturing or belt breaking. This can cause all sorts of problems and land your car in the local garage- a big inconvenience if you are out of town on vacation!

Summer Car Maintenance Tips

  • Be sure your coolant is filled to the appropriate level and is the correct mix of water and anti-freeze
  • Check all hoses and belts for any that may be loose or worn
  • Check oil level and make sure the oil is appropriate for your vehicle: oil that is too thick can create problems
  • Check with your car dealer or vendor website for possible recalls that could affect your safety
  • Travel with extra coolant and oil in case of an emergency and to replenish if necessary on a long trip

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