Spring & Summer Anti-Theft Tips

Start by keeping your car safe this spring and summer by using some common sense!

It is estimated that 25% of stolen cars had the keys already in the vehicle! One more alarming statistic: 60% of stolen vehicles were actually unlocked!

By remembering this two vital statistics and utilizing some common sense your cars safety can go a long way. Also, it is never a good idea to leave an extra set of keys in your car. Any valuables left behind in your car- especially in plain view- is often an open invitation for both the theft of your vehicle and its contents. Always be sure to take your purse, personal belongings and all electronics with you when leaving your vehicle parked – since many car thefts are due to thieves spotting an opportunity!

Most statistics show that 50% of stolen vehicles are never recovered – a good reason to put common sense into action and protect your car from theft. Here are some additional “common sense” suggestions for keeping your vehicle safe:

  • Park in well lit areas.
  • Close all windows and sun roof.
  • Keep your car registration in your wallet- and take that with you!
  • In an urban area, choose an attended parking lot when possible.

While these informative tips can’t guarantee your car will never be stolen or burglarized, they can help to greatly reduce the chances of that happening!

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