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Are you a new driver in Maryland in need of information on what you need in the way of auto insurance? If so, you’ve come to the right place for information. Here is a quick rundown of auto insurance requirements in Maryland and the group that can provide you with the insurance coverage you need: Roadway Insurance, Inc.

What is Roadway Insurance, Inc?

Roadway Auto Insurance is an insurance company that provides auto insurance for drivers in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area. They provide not only any type of auto insurance the driver requires but also provides it at affordable rates. As a Maryland auto insurance company, they’re familiar with the state’s requirements and can provide customers with what they need in the way of auto insurance.

One other thing that makes Roadway Auto Insurance such a valuable commodity is that their collaboration with many auto insurance carriers allows them to provide instant insurance to anyone – even those who believe they are uninsurable. They also offer free insurance quotes through their various locations.

What Auto Insurance is Required in Maryland?

Effective January 1, 2011, all drivers in Maryland are required to carry a minimum amount of auto insurance. Drivers must have coverage that meets the 30/60/15 requirements. To further clarify, drivers must have at least:

• $30,000 for bodily injury to a single individual
• $60,000 for bodily injury of two or more individuals
• $15,000 for damages to property

Help With Special Insurance Needs

Maryland Auto Insurance also provides coverage for individuals with special needs such as the FR-19 or the SR-22. The FR-19 is a requirement for drivers that are renewing or registering a new vehicle and need proof that they have the state’s minimum liability requirements.

The SR-22 is a requirement for drivers who may have certain driving-related violations such as accidents, reckless driving or DUI convictions. This form provides documentation that the driver has the state-required amount of auto insurance.

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