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What Is MAIF?

MAIF is short for Maryland auto insurance fund. It was first established in 1972. MAIF was created for Maryland residents who were denied auto insurance coverage from a private carrier.

Do I Need MAIF Insurance?

MAIF insurance is for people who cannot get auto insurance from a private carrier. You will not have to worry about being denied coverage because of your driving record. You can get coverage even if you have several offenses.

How Do I Qualify For Maryland Auto Insurance Fund?

In order to qualify, you must be a Maryland resident. You must also have a Maryland state driver’s license or currently have your vehicle registered in Maryland. Additionally, you must not be able to get auto insurance through a private carrier.

I Am Considered A High-Risk Driver, Will I Still Be Able To Get MAIF Insurance?

One of the many great things about roadway insurance is that every driver in DC and Maryland can get insurance. You will just need to have a valid driver’s license. It does not matter if you have been in several car accidents and have had multiple tickets. You will still be able to get insurance.

How Can I Get MAIF Insurance For A Low Rate?

Roadway auto insurance has the lowest rates on MAIF insurance. You can get a discount if you maintain a safe driving record and insure multiple cars. You can also get a discount if you maintain continuous coverage. Additionally, you can lower your rates even more if you choose a high deductible and carry the minimum auto insurance requirements.

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