Need MAIF insurance for your motorcycle?

The warmer weather may have you ready to get back out on the road on your motorcycle!

Do you need an insurance policy before starting the engine? At Roadway Auto Insurance, a leading provider of car insurance in the Baltimore-Washington metro area, we can get you the coverage you need today!

Worried you may be turned down because of a bad driving record? Roadway Auto Insurance will get you back on the road with a MAIF insurance policy to suit your needs. MAIF insurance is available by law to ALL residents of Maryland, regardless of driving record. Under recent legislation, undocumented residents can now obtain a Maryland driver’s license and can be insured with a MAIF policy.

Hitting the road on your motorcycle without insurance is illegal and subject to fines and registration suspension. Ready to ride? Call Roadway Auto Insurance and discuss your policy needs with one of our experienced agents. They can answer your insurance questions and inform you of ways to save money on future premiums:

  • Safe drive discount
  • Motorcycle club member discount
  • Motorcycle safety course discount
  • Garage kept motorcycle discount

Find out about additional discounts that may apply to you when you speak with a Roadway Auto Insurance agent.

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