Spring Means More Motorcycles on the Road

There are a number of factors that go into a standard motorcycle insurance quote, including the age and experience of the rider, the type of motorcycle being insured, and even the rider’s address. Insurance companies try to accurately assess the possibility of an insurance claim, so anything that could realistically change a rider’s safety or the chances of motorcycle theft will be considered. Part of buying a motorcycle insurance policy is getting a great rate, but many riders are unaware of the factors that determine their insurance premiums.

This means that if a rider’s address is in a high crime area, for instance, the cost of comprehensive coverage will be high, since the chances of a large comprehensive claim due to motorcycle theft would also be relatively high. Inexperienced riders may pay more for their personal injury protection and liability coverages. Riders who have expensive bikes may pay more for comprehensive and collision coverage, as claims in this area would be relatively large. A history of claims and traffic tickets will also raise rates.

The coverage limits and deductibles of a motorcycle insurance policy are also big factors in the final price of a policy. Riders should try to pick policies that provide sufficient coverage with deductibles that would be affordable in an accident. Excessive coverage can mean higher premiums.

The law in the rider’s state can also make a difference. Some states follow a no fault system of insurance, in which motorcyclists pay for their own damages in an accident, regardless of who caused the accident. These states tend to have lower than average motorcycle insurance rates because there are fewer court cases and fewer legal fees for insurance providers. States also have slightly different insurance requirements, which can certainly affect the cost of coverage.

Insurance companies use all of these factors to decide quotes, and by understanding their insurance risks, riders can keep their rates at an affordable level while ensuring a useful and protective motorcycle insurance policy.

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